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3S Tech Knit
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Bridging the “tech material” and “tech design”. Inspiring in an outdoor light fashion style.

What is

3S Tech Knit?

Our focus is on using the power of design technology to take full advantage of the potential of waste-based materials and transform this to create products that consumers love.

3S Tech Knit is looking to work with others to bridge the gap between “tech materials” and “tech design” and who are also passionate about achieving our 3S core values:


Small Team

Big Mission

To put nature at the centre of the relationship between designers and suppliers and help others create goods that motivate customers to look after the planet.

We are driven by a deep love for nature, a passion for tech design innovation, and a true commitment to transparency about how to best use nature and recycle waste-based material to produce great apparel.

Our Partner

3S Tech Knit collaborates with others as smart textile champions on how to “Knit” the technical potential of waste-based materials, “Knit” that potential into light outdoor fashion, and “knit” this into supporting sport apparel as well. We believe tech design can transform the green world and create sustainable textile material, allowing consumers to enjoy their life they have but in a sustainable way.

Our team3S

With more to join:
Always respecting in the materials and little by little with firm passionate “team3S”.

What is 3S?


We believe it’s possible for consumers, local communities and the planet to live harmoniously. We are passionate about:

  • Working with others to be pioneers in using nature's unlimited potential in textile-based manufacturing
  • Develop the circular economy
  • Support the economy of local farming communities.


We believe that integrating the power of technology, innovation and craftsmanship is the solution to help designers and suppliers breathe new life into agricultural and food waste.


We want to make sure that people are supported when doing physical activity and prevent injury by using apparel that’s sourced and created from nature, and also reduces the cost to society of injuries and care.